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Join me in providing opportunities for children and adults with disabilities that build health, confidence and independence!

Please help me reach my goal to support Achieve Tahoe ski and snowboard lessons.

We are no longer accepting donations on this campaign, but there are other ways for you to support us today!

$100 towards $1,500

Achieve Tahoe is a nonprofit that builds health, confidence and independence through recreational sports for children and adults with disabilities. The organization serves over 500 people a year through one-on-one snowsports lessons, waterskiing, paddle sports and more. Achieve Tahoe's highly trained instructors and specialized, adaptive equipment allow the organization to serve just about anyone with any disability. Achieve Tahoe participants and family members often say that their experience with Achieve Tahoe goes on to affect other areas of their life such as gaining confidence to try other sports, becoming more social, and breaking down perceived barriers showing them that they can do things they perhaps never thought they could before.

This year was my first time volunteering with Achieve Tahoe and I am humbled to admit it has been life changing. I have had the opportunities so far to work with amazing individuals living with mental and physical disabilities. They showed me the brighter side of life with their incredible attitudes and contagious smiles. Their willnginess and excitment to learn a new sport inspired me and allowed me to continue my life long passion of teaching action sports and achieving new limits.

I am reaching out to you to help me support this organization even further by donating to their Ability Challenge which runs once a year from January 10th-March 30th. All funds that I raise go to support and run the organization year round. This organization means the world to be and I would be honored if you took the time to donate

Join me in supporting this cause and provide life-changing experiences for children and adults with disabilities!