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Join me in providing opportunities for children and adults with disabilities that build health, confidence and independence!

Please help me reach my goal to support Achieve Tahoe programs.

We are no longer accepting donations on this campaign, but there are other ways for you to support us today!

$3,335 towards $5,000

Achieve Tahoe is a nonprofit that builds health, confidence and independence through recreational sports for children and adults with disabilities. The organization serves over 500 people a year through one-on-one snowsports lessons, waterskiing, paddle sports and more.

Achieve Tahoe has been an integral part of our life since Dylan was 4.5 years old and he is now 10. We love to ski so it was important to us that Dylan also learn to ski and enjoy it so that we can ski as a family. Since Dylan cannot use his right arm and his right leg is so much weaker than his left we did not know how we were going to teach Dylan to ski. Then we found Achieve Tahoe and never looked back.

Achieve Tahoe has taught Dylan so much. He has learned how to be a confident skier and person. Today he can successfully navigate his way down any blue run on the mountain. He's laughing and really enjoying himself the entire way down the mountain. (He fights going skiing every time but as soon as he gets on the snow with an Achieve Tahoe instructor that all changes and he has a great time). He would prefer to ski with someone from Achieve Tahoe then us (we think).

Achieve Tahoe has been such a huge part of our life over the years. We are so grateful for Achieve Tahoe and everything it has done for Dylan and everyone else that takes lessons from them.

Achieve Tahoe could not provide the services it offers without support and donations from people like you. I am asking you to please help support Achieve Tahoe in any way that you can. Every little bit helps!

Thank you so much!!!