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Many of you know our son Kyle, a joyful 13 year old with multiple disabilities as a result of an illness in infancy. Eight year ago, we first took Kyle to Alpine Meadows to ski with Achieve Tahoe, an adaptive sports program based in the Lake Tahoe area. We had no idea what to expect when we started, but any concerns we had disappeared immediately after meeting the warm, professional, and knowledgeable staff at Achieve Tahoe. Kyle worked with two instructors that first day, an adaptive ski instructor and an occupational therapist who was volunteering with the group. The instructors had Kyle skiing down a small slope that first morning, and his smiles and laughs told us he was having the time of his life.

In the years since, Achieve Tahoe has been creative and flexible as they work to improve Kyle's balance, strength, and independence. Achieve Tahoe has allowed our entire family to share in common experiences in nature, from skiing to kayaking on Donner Lake in the summer. Achieve Tahoe has brought Kyle joy, accomplishment, and new experiences in his life!

Achieve Tahoe serves over 500 people a year through one-on-one snowsports lessons, waterskiing, paddle sports and more. Achieve Tahoe's highly trained instructors and specialized, adaptive equipment allow the organization to serve just about anyone with any disability. Achieve Tahoe participants and family members often say that their experience with Achieve Tahoe goes on to affect other areas of their life such as gaining confidence to try other sports, becoming more social, and breaking down perceived barriers showing them that they can do things they perhaps never thought they could before.