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$680 towards $1,000

Martin had a rough life early on, suffering thousands of seizures that robbed him of much of a normal childhood and his confidence in his body. Since conquering his seizures 5 yrs ago, Martin has fought back to grade-level academic skills and, despite lots of hurdles, learned to ski thanks to the amazing people at Achieve Tahoe.

And, new this year, Martin is now snowboarding thanks to Achieve!

Achieve Tahoe, formerly Disabled Sports USA Far West, teaches children and adults with epilepsy, autism, PTSD, amputations, brain injuries and other physical and intellectual disabilities to ski. Their instructors are specially trained to accommodate Martin's difficulty coordinating sensory input, his low muscle tone and communication challenges.

It is amazing to see a kid who five years ago had to wear a helmet to protect from seizure-related injuries now flying down mountains at Lake Tahoe. Thanks to Achieve Tahoe, Martin doesn't see himself as someone with a disability. He has greater confidence in his physical ability and improved self-esteem. That's what Achieve Tahoe is all about - "If I can do this, I can do anything".

Only 18% of Achieve Tahoe's operating budget comes from the student lesson fees. Fundraising is a critical portion of their revenue. We are using this webpage to ask for a meaningful donation that will continue to open the door for other skiers with disabilities.

Thank you for showing an interest in our experience, and for caring to keep this program flourishing.

Ken, Veronika and Martin Archer