Marina Gardiner
Marina Gardiner's Fundraiser

Join me in providing opportunities for children and adults with disabilities that build health, confidence and independence!

Please help me reach my goal to support Achieve Tahoe programs.

$23,800 towards $25,000

Join me in supporting Achieve Tahoe, the amazing organization that taught me to ski again after my injury, and where I now work and play full-time. Achieve Tahoe has changed my life in so many ways that is it hard to express how important this organization, and the people who are a part of it, are to me. As my mom said recently when she was here to volunteer, her favorite thing about Achieve Tahoe is that it's where I learned to ski again, where I found a job and career that I love, and where I have met some of my best friends.For all these reasons, I am passionate about helping Achieve Tahoe to raise the funds necessary to continue the important work that we do here. I am hoping you will consider donating once again to this wonderful organization.