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Dear family and friends, since 2016, Pam and I are again involved in Achieve Tahoe. A nonprofit organization with the goal of helping individuals with developmental, neurological, congenital, and physical disabilities gains some level of independence while enjoying the beauty of the mountains in the winter. It is in this outdoor experience that they can learn about themselves and what they can "achieve. We strive to help build confidence by accomplishing a physical task and have fun at the same time. The motto posted for all to see is “If I can do this, I can do anything”..

Students may be starting from never have been on skis or on support equipment to being very comfortable but just need help to be out on the slope. Here is a note from a parent about her daughter’s experience.

"We started, five years ago when our daughter, Tate, was 10. Tate has Down syndrome and has skied with your program every season since. We feel so fortunate to have benefited from your fantastic organization. Last week Tate skied with her brothers, Dad and I for the first time without an instructor. While we were on the chairlift she exclaimed, 'I love makes me feel so alive!' Needless to say I had tears running down my cheeks as I took a video of her skiing down [a blue ski run]. Tate loves skiing, has a true sense of pride in her ability and can now independently enjoy what I'm certain will be a lifelong sport. I can say with confidence that I don't think this would have been possible without Achieve Tahoe. Your organization, staff and volunteers have made a real difference in our lives." -Sarah W. 2019

The story demonstrates several things: 1) commitment of the Mom in advocating for her daughter, 2) maybe surprise at the revelation that others might care enough to be an advocate for her child, and 3) the joy of seeing her daughter accomplish a physical task. Each time we participate, we are humbled by the love and care of the parents. They are truly an example of God's love as played out by parents for their children who face issues that most of us never encounter.

Our experience is that Achieve is a very caring and supportive organization of professional and volunteer instructors and is exceptionally well run. If a student’s family can afford the cost of the lift ticket and instruction there is a charge, but if not, scholarships are available. Achieve gets no government support and funds are raised only through individual contributions, grants from Disabled Sports USA, and three fundraising events, of which this is one.

Thank you very much for your consideration. Joe and Pam

The attached picture was taken earlier this year of Alexis and me with our little student who had a hearing disorder. It was a wonderful day; she was learning to ski independently without an aid and at the end was so excited in her ability to get down without falling. It was a great achievement and very rewarding for Alexis and me.